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Racehorse Portraits by Nicholas Beall

racehorse portraits by nicholas beall  


Commission of 'Merchant of Dubai' - Racehorse Portraits

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Richard Lobban is a returning client who emailed in 2014 to enquire about Nicholas' racehorse portraits. His father has a racehorse called 'Merchant of Dubai' and Richard thought it would be fantastic to have a painting of him in mid race, with Musselburgh Racecourse in the background. Richard requested the painting to be in oils at 22 x 16 in size on Italian linen canvas.

Richard supplied a number of fabulous photos to work from and Nicholas has created a beautiful painting of Merchant of Dubai for Richard, his father and their family to enjoy. The portrait was framed by Jane our framer in the Subtle Bronze moulding.

I have added a reference photo on the left and the final painting with some testimonials for clients to view. Richard really enjoyed seeing the portrait come to life via email, all of our clients can watch their painting develop - it really makes them part of the process which is perfect!


Absolutely delighted by the way it's turned out. Looks great and I'm sure my Dad will love it. Now, just can't wait till I get to see it for real. Many thanks again,


It's been really nice seeing the different stages of Nick's work. Ever since you did the pictures of the dogs, I've been looking at your studio diary and it's great to see Merchant on it now. Really looking forward to it being delivered.
Many thanks,


Melanie and Nicholas,
I received the painting and it looks wonderful. It's that good, I wish I was keeping it instead of giving it to my Dad. I have decided that it's so close to Xmas, I am going to wait until Santa can deliver the painting. So, going to have to wait a few more weeks until I can see it hung on a wall. Many thanks for all your hard work on the two pictures that you have done for me.
All the best and have a great festive period when it comes.


racehorse portraits framed racehorse portraits framed racehorse portraits detail horse portrait framed Nicholas' hand on the portrait Nicholas' brush on the portrait A close up of the horse painting


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