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Race Horse Portrait - Oil Paintings

This portrait is absolutely stunning. Nicholas traditionally hand painted Amosite for clients in the UK and you can read all about the commission below. Nicholas specialise in horse portraits in oils and paints from his garden studio working using traditional methods. Each oil painting taken many hours to complete and a lot of work goes into each and every portrait he paints.

Race Horse Portrait by Nicholas Beall

Commission of 'Amosite' - Race Horse Portrait

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Mark Goddard, UK emailed us in 2014 to enquiring about a race horse portrait. Mark wanted to commission a portrait which was to be a a surprise gift for his wifes birthday. He only spoke and emailed us from work so that he could keep everything secret and requested the painting to be in oils at 20 x 16 in size on Italian linen canvas.

Mark had a few good photos of Amosite however want him to be shown wearing a different rug with a particular stripe on, so Nicholas used other photos to be able to do this. I feel that Nicholas has not only captured Amosite well, but has also captured the feel of the evening when the photo was taken at the racetrack - the slightly misty and cold but exciting event with bright lights and hustle and bustle of being there. The natural colour pallet Nicholas has used here is exceptional.

Mark opted to use our framer and I have added some photos below of the portrait when it was back here in the studio. Both Mark and Claire were extremely pleased with the portrait as you can read below.


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Claire absolutely loves the painting! Thanks very much, looks great in the frame too!


Hi Guys
Wow! Looks great! I really think it captures the character of the horse & the alertness of her in the photo. Magic hands, Nick!
Thanks very much- my wife is going to love it!
Best Regards


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
I know Mark has already told you but I just wanted to let you know myself how much I love the portrait of Amosite- it is just perfect!! Thank you. Best wishes


Photos of the Race Horse Portrait Framed

As you can see from the photos below we had the portrait of Amosite framed with our local framer. This particular moulding is now discontinued ho0wever we have access to many more mouldings very similar! All of our frames are made bespoke for each client. They can specify what type of frame they are looking for and we can always find something suitable for them. Why not have a look at a few of our more recent frames on our Horse Portraits Framing page.

race horse portrait framed race horse pet portrait framed horse portrait framed racehorse portrait framed

Race Horse Portrait

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about Amosite's Race Horse Portrait. If you would like to commission a portrait similar to Amosite's, you can email us your photos at any time. Let us know he kind of portrait you are looking at having and we can advice and help you inn any way we can. Email at any time from our Horse portraits contact page.


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