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Horse Oil Painting by Nicholas Beall

Horse Oil Painting by Nicholas Beall


Horse Portraits in Progress and Reference Photos

Horse Oil Painting In Progress
Horse Painting In Progress
Horse Portrait In Progress

horse portrait in progress
portrait in progress
horse painting in progress
horse portrait reference photo
horse portrait reference photo
horse portrait reference photo

Commission of 'Murphy' - Horse Oil Painting

Sam and Simon Browne, UK contacted Nicholas to see if he would be able to paint a horse oil painting for them of their beautiful pony Murphy. Murphy had sadly had passed away from cancer recently and they had some lovely photos of him, but they went good enough quality to have enlarged and framed on their wall. There were things wrong with each photo they had of Murphy, in their favorite there was a gate in front of him.

Sam and Simon decided that commissioning a painting of Murphy would be a perfect way of showing Murphy at his best and how they remembered him. Nicholas was able to use their favorite photo as the main pose and remove the gate completely with the help of another photo. You can see the photos that Nicholas used in the reference section below.

The painting was completed by Nicholas using traditional oil paints on fine grain canvas at 16 x 16 size in 2012. This stunning painting is something the whole family can really treasure for a very long time. The painting was framed by Jane our framer and I have added photos below, including one as soon as the painting arrived to the client below.


oh Wow! I've been checking in and can't believe I've seen Murphy looking back at me - he looks lovely - thank you!
Sam :0)


Hi Melanie & Nick Just to say that Murphy's portrait arrived safe & sound (wow very impressed with the wrapping - so was our dog who enjoyed the bubble wrap - lol)

This isn't going to be his hanging place, I'm just enjoying looking at it from the sofa at the moment - I feel I'm going to have to re-design the living room now and nag my poor husband about putting the new fireplace in ;0) he will look wonderful just above it. We all can't get over how lifelike and warm the painting is, and it has this amazing 3D quality you just don't get with a photo (I'm not sure if that best describes it) after missing him so much over the last few months, it's almost as though he's in the room with us. The size is perfect, near enough life size - it reminds me of him looking back through the stables. Nick, I think I just haven't seen anyone else capture a 'soul' in a painting like you have done.
Once again, thank you so much - I will send pictures once we eventually have it put up properly. With kind regards Sam


Horse Oil Painting Framed


Horse Painting Detail


Happy Client testimonial of horse portraits


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