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About Melanie

Thank you for visiting our about us page - a very warm welcome! Nicholas and myself love painting horses. There is no doubt about it, they are one of our favoruite animals to portray. We enjoy sketching and studying them, watching their movement, studying their muscles, their joints, how they stand, jump, canter, plod....


Our Cottage


We live in rural wales and are surrounded by farmland. This is our little cottage above, dating back many years, possibly 1600's in not quite the guise you see above, in that it has changed a lot over the years. We have a lot of old features aand much history. There are many fields of horses around us. One of our daily walks that we go on with our dog Lily, we refer to as 'The Horse Walk'. The destination ends up at a number of fields with a variety of beautiful horses who are quite inquisitive. They will often walk over to the gate to see us...unless its a warm day and they stand quite lazily in the field watching from a distance.


Our Garden


We have a lovely big back garden and this is a view of part of it below. It has evolved since we moved in, as we use to have a small oblong of garden, however we were lucky enough to prucahse a small section of woods below us, whwich is where our studio is situated.


We live near Llanllwni Mountain which is common land, where Welsh Ponies thrive all year round. The mountain is also home to sheep and cattle that roam freely. You will often see Buzzards, Red Kites (our business name is Red Kite Studios) and of course Sky Larks, which are a wonderful sight, if you can follow the high pitched trill way up high in the sky. The Welsh Mountain Ponies that reside on the mountain are small and hardy and a beautiful sight to see. They all graze on the mountain in the wide open spaces, nibbling the undergrowth between the purple and pink heathers. We love to walk our dog Lily there and there are lots of public footp[aths through the forestry. You can see a photo of Lily below, when she recieved her certificate for passing her started cours ein obediance.


Tibetan Terrier Lily


As you have probably gathered, neither Nicholas or myself ride, although we have 'had a go' on friends horses in the past :) There is a photo of me being led on a horse called Arthur below. We much prefer to study them from behind our easel on canvas and paper, or from a warm sunlit spot sketching in our sketchbooks. Our old neighbour many years ago, owned a family of Shetland ponies. I took the opportunity of taking photos of Nicholas with them which you can see one of below. We were looking after them while our neighbours were away on holiday. We would quite often animal sitting for friends. Having lived on a small holding for many years we have experience with all types of animals from pigs, cows, sheep, horses, goats, chickens and ducks. Our friends not only had Shetland ponies with foals but and they also had baby goats too. It was a pleasure to look after them all!


Melanie Riding


As for painting and drawing horses for clients, you probably have been perusing our website, viewing our past commissions already so are fully aware of our skills in drawing and painting them. Let us know what you think! Would you like your horse portrayed by us? Why not email us your photos and we can chat about your ideas for your own painting or drawing!



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