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horse portraits by commission

Horse Portrait Prices and Information

If you have specific ideas for your horse portrait, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. In our experience, if budget allows, choose the largest size you are able for a horse portrait. More so than other subjects, horses benefit form larger compositions, especially if you are having a full body painting or drawing. Please use the drop down list to convert to your currency.


    • Pencil

      • 1 head only
      • 10" x 8" = £600
      • 12" x 10" = £650

      • 1 head / 1 full body
      • 14" x 11" = £700

      • 1 to 3 heads / full bodies
      • 16" x 12" = £800
      • 18" x 14" = £900

      • 1 or multiple heads / full bodies
      • 20" x 16" = £1000
      • 24" x 18" = £1100
      • 30" x 20" = £1200
      • 30" x 24" = £1300
      • 40" x 30" = £1500
    • Oils

      • 1 head only
      • 10" x 8" = £1000
      • 12" x 10" = £1200

      • 1 head / 1 full body
      • 14" x 11" = £1500

      • 1 to 2 heads / full bodies
      • 16" x 12" = £2500
      • 18" x 14" = £3000

      • 1 or multiple heads / full bodies
      • 20" x 16" = £3500
      • 24" x 18" = £4500
      • 30" x 20" = £5500
      • 30" x 24" = £6500
      • 40" x 30" = £7500

Sizing Guide, Frames and Plaques

Larger sizes and bespoke available. Prices shown are base prices. If you send us your photos and ideas, we can tailor make a quote for you. Pricing may vary according to design, including complexity of background if required, horses with tack and/or multiple studies etc.

Montage drawings include a single central study and four studies around it. Add £100 to any size from 16 x 12 and above
starts from £100, please email your ideas to receive a quote.
Engraved Plaques in Gold, Silver or Bronze for any amount of text are £49


Worldwide Shipping

UK Unframed - £20 (Special Delivery / UPS)
UK Framed 18 x 14 and under - £30 (UPS)
UK Framed 20 x 16 and over - £45 (UPS)
Worldwide 20 x 16 and below - £65 (UPS)
Worldwide 24 x 18 and over - £85 (UPS)


Payment & Booking Availability

Many of our clients like to make a deposit to secure a place in our commissions lists. We have fairly long lists so saving your space can be essential, particularly if you have a specific date in mind to receive the portrait by. In general we ask for a £200 deposit for a pencil drawing or £500 deposit for an oil painting. Clients usually email us their photos and an idea of their requirements and size of portrait. We then email clients a mock-up along with a secure email link to place a deposit with Worldpay our payment provider. Once the deposit has been made, we add your mockup to our Commissions List >> We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express. You can also call our studio on +44 (0)1559 384628 to place your order over the telephone. Please read our terms and conditions page before ordering.

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How It Works

If you would like to find out more about the commissioning process works, why not head on over to our Horse Portraits Process page. It follows the live commision of Chico below, from the intial contact with our client right through to framing and shipping. If you have any questions once reading this page, just dorp us a line from our contact page, why not send us your horse photos too.

How It Works >>

How it works - horse portraits process


AOrdering a horse portrait for a gift?

If you are purchasing a horse portrait as a gift for friends or family, but are working on a short dealine or are unable to arrange photos, we can arrange one of our gift voucher packs for the recipient. Each gift voucher pack is bespoke and personalised specifically for them. Recipients are thrilled when they receive our voucher packs and they can then view the portrait in progress on our easel and be part of its creation too. Why not order online and read more information or alternatively call us in the studio and we can take your order and details over the phone. gift voucher page >>

Horse Portraits Gift Vouchers


Taking and choosing photos for your horse portrait

If you are embarking on taking new photos of your horse for a portrait and need some guidance in how to go about it, we can give you some tips and hints that will help. You may also have taken hundreds of photos of your horse but don’t know which to choose - we can help you with that too! Take a look at our photography tips page to see previous horse portrait commissions along with all of the photos our clients emailed. We chat a little about which photos work and why for a portrait. We also discuss taking photos of your horse with tack, reins, rugs, winter and summer coats etc. You are more than welcome to drop us a line with your photos for us to see and we can explore your options. Photography Tips >>

Horse Portraits Photography


Bespoke Framing and Engraved Plaques

Many of our horse portraits are framed using a luxury bespoke framer based in the UK who hand make swept and moulded frames. Swept frames are simply stunning and exude quality. They are perfect for our oil paintings. The moulded frames have detail on each corner of the frame to cover any joints and look simply stunning. our Chelsea frame is one example of this and is one of our most popular frames. Our pencil portraits are framed using the more traditional wooded frames and we have a specialist framer in the UK who frames our drawings. It is essential to find an experienced and professional framer, our framing service is optional but its second to none. Take a look around our framing gallery to view some of our previous horse portrait commissions framed Framing Gallery >>

Horse Portraits Framing


Horse Portraits Studio

We have collated lots of candid photos for our horse portraits studio page so that cleints and reders can really see what happens here on a daily basis. We have also included lots of photos and details about the mediums and materials we use so that you can see how we create our traditionally hand painted and drawn horse portraits. Readm more, visit our Horse Portraits Studio >>

Horse Portraits studio