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Commission of 'Corrine and Mr Tom' - Horse Portraits Oils

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Steve Brailsford, from the UK called our studio in 2005 to ask if Nichols would be able to paint a fully body portrait of his daughter horse, with his daughter included in the painting. Steve wanted to commission a horse portrait in oils and wanted it to be a surprise for his daughter on her special birthday. Steve provided a lovely range of photos to work from, a few of which can be found below.

Steve had one photo in particular that we felt would be really great for a portrait and it showed Corrine in all her refinery on her horse Mr Tom. Nicholas and Steve discussed the size of the portrait and they felt that a 24 x 18 sized portrait would work really well in the space they had planned to display the painting in their home.

Steve emailed us a lovely thank you letter when he received the painting which I have added below, along with stages of the portrait, the final scan, a close up detail and the reference photos Nicholas used.


Hi Nicholas,
It arrived yesterday. Its even better in the flesh - if thats possible, superb job!
Thank you


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