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Horse Portraits Gift A Portrait

Nicholas and myself are often working to a fairly long commissions list all year round. We are able to accept some deadline portraits into our schedule, however on the whole we work on a first come first served basis. So if you are you looking to give a horse painting or drawing to a special friend, relative or work colleague, or perhaps as a thank you or graduation gift, our horse portraits Gift A Portrait vouchers might be perfect for you.

Our vouchers are bespoke and personalised to each client. It means that we create the voucher pack for you and make all of the necessary arrangements and get you into our commissions list. If you are able to arrange the actual photos for the portrait you will be placed in our main list. If everything is going to be a complete surprise for the recipient and you would like them to make all of the arrangements, we place you in our Gift A Portrait list. Our web page is safe and secure and only available for our clients to view.

Our Gift a Portrait vouchers comprise of a personalised voucher similar to the image below, one of our specially design flyers which are either dedicated to oils or pencil - or both. Clients also receive a personalised PDF letter along with an image collation of our artwork. All of this can be printed and presented to the recipient in your own gift card or gift box. Alternatively it can be shown on an ipad, tablet or computer.

Horse Portraits Gift A Portrait Voucher

The great thing about allowing recipients to decide on the details of the portraits is that they can have full control as to exactly what they want. They can choose their own photos, help designing the portrait and have full control over the framing and engraved plaques if required. Also clients can be part of the process of the portraits development. If they opt for an oil painting they will receive photos of the stages as the painting progresses. We welcome comments at any time.

To save your space in our Gift A Portraits commissions list all we require is a £200 deposit for the pencil drawings and £500 for the oil paintings. Why not email us to get everything started and we will be back in touch with you asap. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Melanie & Nicholas,
Hello, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday. I wanted to send you some pictures of my husband opening his painting on Christmas and I was going to send a really good one of it framed but I gave my husband the option of taking it to work and putting in his office or hanging it up at home. Much to my surprise he chose his office and the very next day it was gone. The painting had him choked up when he opened it and he even got teary eyed, everyone was astonished that it was a painting, one family member kept insisting it was a photo. Needless to say, we are extremely happy with our portrait and will always cherish it. Thank you so much for creating such a special piece for us.
Beverly Crane


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