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Horse Portraits Framing - Hand Crafted Frames

Welcome to our Horse Portraits Framing - Hand Crafted Frames Gallery. As you may have seen from looking around our website, we create very high quality artwork in pencil and oils. Equally our portraits deserve to be paired with high quality luxury frames. Our paintings and drawings need to be presented and displayed in the best possible way. With this in mind we have searched tirelessly to find two of the top framing companies to work with to frame our artwork. We also work with an engraving company who we commission to make engraved plaques in Silver and Bronze on a mirrored or brushed finish to complete the ensemble. Drop us a line with any questions.


Hampstead Frame

The Hampstead frame and it is simply stunning. Its a dark frame, however its not just one tone. There are multiple layers of finish and you can see the lighter and redder colours through the rich wood colour in an aged effect. It is very difficult to describe however the overall appearance is beautiful. The frame is very solid, superb quality! Its all so well made and we really recommend this frame to our clients.

Horse Portraits Framed


Highgate Frame

Our Highgate frame is simply beautiful, such a sleek and soft feel to the finish of the frame. A stunning frame which works extremely well with many sizes of our oil paintings.

Horse Portraits Framed


Notting Hill

Our Notting Hill frame is a fairly wide frame at just under 4 inches, however as it is a light painted delicate frame, it suits most sizes of paintings. The portrait below if Henry was a 20 x 16 inch portrait and fitted beautifully. If you have any painted woods in your home or like the shabby chic painted wood effect you will love this frame.

Horse Portraits Framed



If you are looking for a statement piece, this is it! It is the most beautiful and stunning frame we have ever commissioned our framers to make. It is suitable for all sizes, the portrait of Pats Jester below was only 14 x 11 inches and it worked beautifully. The amount of detail is exquisite and if you have the right kind of home and home decor then we really recommend it.

Horse Portraits Framed


Windsor Wash

This Our Windsor wash frame is perfect for our pencil drawings. It is a very solid and heavy frame made form natural wood with a distressed finish. It is perfect for our engraved plaques as you can see below. Our framer uses a double mount with a neutral grey colour on the inner mount to enhance the frame and the artwork.

Horse Portraits Framed


Knightsbridge Frame

Our Knightsbridge frame comes in a variety of sizes and is suitable for all sizes of oil paintings. The gold finish varies from frame to frame as they are hand made bespoke. These frames look absolutely stunning on the wall and are definitely a centre piece for any room.

Horse Portraits Framed


Mayfair Frame

The Mayfair frame is perfect for our larger canvases. it is a very heavy in weight, solid frame and it a piece of art in itself. Having said this, it still allows the artwork to be the full focus. The colour of the gold is very warm and subtle, not at all bright or overpowering. The fine detail on the inner line and the far outside edge is simply beautiful. It works so well with Nicholas' paintings and as you can see these photos were taken in our clients home when we had placed the portrait in the frame ready for the big reveal. We hope you like the photos and if you are interested in having a portrait framed in our Mayfair frame, drop us a line at any time.

Horse Portraits Framed



Our Madison frame works extremely well with our pencil drawings and it comes in two finished. A Taupe as shown below and also a slate grey. The frame is sleek and smooth to the touch and would work in most homes. This is a great neutral frame if you are purchasing a portrait for a gift too. The double mount comprises of a cream textured top mount and a neutral light brown colour as the inner mount. The Madison slate version comes with a dark grey inner mount which looks incredible.

Horse Portraits Framed


Traditional Flat

This is our longest running frame and is a permanent favourite with our clients. It can be used for both oil paintings and pencil drawings. The oil paintings have the option of having the inner slip too as shown in the photo below. The colour is a lovely mid brown, smooth to the touch and finished with the dark edging and gold line.

Horse Portraits Framed


horse portraits framed

The video below shows two of our portraits completed, ready to be sent out to clients. View the video to see the framed portraits in more detail.


Yes, Melanie, We have chosen a lovely gold frame for Butu's portrait which will probably hang in the living room in close proximity to the work of another of your countrymen - Sir Alfred Munnings. Best regards, Rip

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