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Horse Portraits Commission Information

Welcome to our Horse Portraits Commission Information page.

If you have found yourself reading our page of commission Information it could mean you are looking to commission an oil painting or a pencil drawing of your horse. Perhaps you are commissioning it as a special gift for friends and family too. What ever the reason we are always happy to help if you have any questions.

Our horse portraits are displayed in homes all over the world. We have been commissioned by many prestigious clients including Lady Bamford and the Aga Khan. We have also created many oil paintings for returning client Mr Ted Andrews who you can see pictured left with an oil painting of his horse BallyCastle King.

For more information on our commissioning process, you might like to read our Horse Portraits FAQ page as it may answer any questions you may have. You can also visit our Horse Portraits Process page as it gives a run down of the commissioning process from start to finish following a live commission.

You are more than welcome to email or call at any time and we look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months.



1 - Email us your Photos!

We work from photos for our horse portraits in oil and pencil so we do reply on our clients taking good quality photos. We understand it isn’t easy to photograph a horse so splitting it into a few photo shoots on different days might help. This way you can work with different weather, different times of day and not tire the horses too much. Photos are absolutely key and we need to see the best possible quality photos you have. Taking them with a good quality digital camera is always best. You can use mobiles and tablets however if you do have access to a proper cameras either your own or borrowed from friends or family, it really will make a difference. If you are taking your own photos, why not visit our look at our Horse Portraits Photography Tips page to view example photos that we have worked from in the passed. You can then either email them to us direct or we often use DropBox which is a handy and private photo storage place online where we can both have access to.


2- Choosing the type of Portrait?

It is important to know whether you are looking at having an oil portrait or pencil portrait. Have a look at our galleries to see which you prefer and the prices and sizes page to see perhaps what size you might like to commission. We also offer bespoke hand made and hand finished framing too which is extra service that we can provide and can also arrange an engraved plaque too.

For the actual composition of the portrait, you may prefer to have a single head study of your horse, or perhaps you have a number of horses and you would like them together in a paddock. Email us know your ideas and we can work with you on creating a 'design' using your photos. We always create a design or mock-up so clients can see what their painting or drawing will look like before starting any actual artwork.


3 - Deposits and Commissions Lists

We ask for a £500 deposit for the oil paintings and a £200 deposit for the pencil drawings. We send cleints an invoice where they can make secure payment directly on the invoice itself. We accept most debit and credit cards including American Express. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer we can send you our details too. Once clients have paid their deposit we then add them to our commissions list which is a private page for our clients to view.


4 - Final Payment

We always ask for final payment just prior to starting your commission. We order each clients canvas bespoke, as well as framing and keep our clients up to date with how their commission is progressing. Payment can be made in the same way as the deposit - a private payment link for debit, credit card or American express. Bank transfer or cheques if clients reside in the UK.


5 - View the portrait in progress

If clients have commissioned an oil painting, we email stages of the painting every few days so that our clients can see it's progress. Clients absolutely love this and we hear that they are eagerly awaiting the next stage and checking their emails constantly to see if we have sent the next set of photographs. Its also wonderful as clients can keep the photos as a keepsake.


6 - Final Scan

When the horse painting or drawing is complete we send clients a final scan so they can see it in more detail. We send candid photos along with them too. Clients can let us know if they need any minor tweaks and changes at this stage.


7 - Packing the portraits

Horse Portraits Information

We take pride in our packing and quite often clients comment on how wonderful our packing is. One client recently emailed..."I know you will be relieved to hear that your beautifully packaged parcel has just arrived safely..."

Our paintings and drawings are always packed well, we take many hours over creating them and so it is important to make sure each parcel is as safe and secure as it can be prior to sending them to our clients. We primarily use DHL for over seas deliveries and Parcelforce 24 for our UK deliveries. Clients are also more than welcome to visit our studio to collect their portraits.

If clients are ordering oil paintings framed at our very large sizes, we often delivery ourselves depending on where clients reside here in the UK. If clients have any questions about delivery please do drop us a line.

We hope you have found our horse portraits commission Information useful. if you have any questions do email or call and we are always happy to help. We are most often in the studio Monday to Friday, you might catch us out and about enjoying our weekends, however we never mind hearing from a client, so call us at any time.


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Wow, wow, wow!!!! Thanks soooo much, we have received the portrait and it looks brilliant. We can't thank you enough for what you have done - it is absolutely perfect in every way and captures their personalities in every detail. We are planning on getting a frame from the same place we got mum's and if it is with the same timescale, it should be done within the next couple of months. As soon as it is done and up in our living room, we will take some photos and send them on to you. Thanks again for all you have done and hope to speak to you again soon.Hope you are all well. Love Sx

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