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Horse Portraits - Commission Information for Pet Portraits

Welcome to our Horse Portraits Commission Information and FAQ's page. Both Nicholas and myself have been creating portraits of horses for clients all over the world for over 24 years. We have been commissioned by many prestigious clients including Lady Bamford and the Aga Khan. We have also created many oil paintings for returning client Mr Ted Andrews who you can see pictured below with an oil painting of his horse Ballycastle King. Please do email or call at any time if you have any questions about commissioning a horse portrait.


Step 1 - Photos and deciding on type of portrait

Horse Portrait

Photos are critical in the creation of your horse portrait. We need the best possible photos at their highest resolution to work with.

If you are taking new photos, why not visit our Horse Portraits Photography Tips page to view example photos that we like to work from. If you are finding it difficult to take your own photos, hiring a professional photographer can be a good idea. Alternatively if you are in the UK let us know where you are and we may be able to visit you to take photos ourselves. This is dependant on your location and your portrait requirements.

Let us know your ideas for a painting or drawing and we can work with you on creating a 'design' using your photos. Let us know whether you are looking at having an oil portrait or pencil portrait. Also review the prices and sizes page to see perhaps what size you might like to commission.


Step 2- Payment and commission list

Horse Portrait

To secure a place in our commission list we ask for a non refundable deposit - £500 for oil paintings and £200 for pencil drawings. Oil paintings require a second payment which is due approximately 8 weeks before to starting the artwork. This is to cover items commissioned / ordered on your behalf or purchased in readiness for your portrait. The total of which is half of the final total of the commission fee, minus the deposit already paid. Final payment is invoiced aproximatley one week prior to starting.

Please read our Pet Portrait Terms & Conditions for payment info prior to commissioning.

Clients based in the UK can pay via bank transfer, debit or credit card. Overseas clients can pay via debit, credit card or Amex online via a secure invoice. Installments are available.

In some cases, clients place a deposit to save their space in our commissions list before making any portrait arrangements, usually choosing to have a gift voucher card sent to the recipient. Clients mainly purchase a £500 voucher towards an oil painting and £200 towards a pencil drawing similar to a deposit.


Step 3 - Framing and Engraved Plaques

Horse Portrait

We provide our clients with a bespoke framing service. We work with two wonderful framing companies for our frames. Amanda frames all of our pencil drawings and she has hundreds of different mouldings to choose from. If you are looking for something specific please let us know and we can find something which fits your needs.

Our gold and swept frames along with our larger width mouldings are made by a company we work with who are carpenter and craftsmen. They hand made a select amount of frames per year and we are lucky enough to be able to work with them and provide their frames for our oil paintings.

They are simply exquisite frames and are a work of art in themselves. The wonderful thing about them is that they don’t take the eye away form the artwork. They compliment the art beautifully. Visit our Framing Gallery to see some examples along with some engraved plaques too.


Step 4 - Packing the portraits

Horse Portrait

We take pride in our packing and quite often clients comment on how wonderful our packing is. Our paintings and drawings are always packed well, we take many hours over creating them and so it is important to make sure each parcel is as safe and secure as it can be prior to sending them to our clients.

We send our portraits on a tracked service to both the UK and overseas. Portrait usually take between 2 to 5 days to arrive depending on the destination. Clients are also more than welcome to visit our studio to collect their portraits too. We also use an expert art courier to hand deliver some of our larger sized oil paintings and if you are interested in this service please let us know.

If you have any questions do email or call and we are always happy to help. You are more than welcome to email us at any time. We are looking forward to working with you soon!

Horse Portraits Frequently Asked Questions

What are your sizes and prices?

Our horse portraits prices page can be viewed from the top nav above, prices and contact page. We offer a full range of sizes, starting 14 x 11 however clients can have any size they require. We order our canvases bespoke and can cut our paper to any size, so we can work in with clients specific needs.

Do you work from photos?

We work from one main photo for the pose of the portrait and can use others for guidance on colour and detail. We can combine photos to create compositions - i.e. two horses in a filed with background can be made up from three or four single photos.

Are you able to take photos of my horses?

We are sometimes able to visit clients to take photos of their horses, depending on where they reside here in the UK. If you are looking at having an oil painting and are struggling to take photos, please contact us and we can discuss the options.

Can you combine two photos together for a single portrait?

We are able to combine a number of photos together to create the perfect composition, however we always work from one main pose for each horse or foal. So the photos that you send really do need to be of good quality for the subjects. View our Photography tips page in our navigation above.

How many photos should I send?

The more photos you take, the more opportunity you will have in getting the perfect photo for a painting or drawing. Remember that the photo you take will be the basis of the portrait. We will be drawing or painting from that photo so it really needs to capture them well. We can make changes for instance, we can alter the direction of ears - however this is possible only if you have taken a photo of your horse with ears forward so we can see what they look like. All horses are unique and you know the character of your horse so well. So it needs to come across in the photos that you take - as it will then come through in our portrait.

Can I see what you portrait will look like before you start work?

We always create mockups or designs of how the painting will look before putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas. We use the photos in the computer to create a design and composition so that you know what the portrait will look like. It is of course only a guide as we are limited using the computer to design the portrait, however it allows us and our clients to know exactly what the design of the portrait will be before starting. When Nicholas puts brush to canvas, or I put pencil to paper, it all comes together very naturally.

Do you ship artwork overseas?

We work with clients all over the world and our artwork is displayed far and wide in our clients homes - USA, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong to name a few.

Can you frame my portrait?

Framing is completely optional. We work with some wonderful framers for our portraits, who hand craft and hand finish their frames, they are absolutely exquisite. Why not take a look at our framing section to see just a handful of our previously commissioned horse portraits that have been framed.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

We offer a gift voucher service which clients find very useful. It is a completely bespoke voucher system. Head on over to our contact page to find out how it all works.

How do I make payment?

All of our clients can use our safe and secure payment system online via our payment provider Worldpay. We send clients a private button so that they can place their deposit using a debit card, credit card or Amex. We also accept bank transfers.

Can I order Prints?

There are many websites that offer printing services, so we can supply clients with a high resolution photo to have as many prints created as they require. Please note our artwork must not be used for business purposes or advertising.

Do you paint or draw other animals other than horses?

Both Nicholas and myself paint and draw all animals and wildlife on request.

Can I find out more about you?

If you would like to find more about us why not head over to our about us pages.


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Wow, wow, wow!!!! Thanks soooo much, we have received the portrait and it looks brilliant. We can't thank you enough for what you have done - it is absolutely perfect in every way and captures their personalities in every detail. We are planning on getting a frame from the same place we got mum's and if it is with the same timescale, it should be done within the next couple of months. As soon as it is done and up in our living room, we will take some photos and send them on to you. Thanks again for all you have done and hope to speak to you again soon.Hope you are all well. Love Sx

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