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Horse Portrait in Oils by Nicholas Beall

Horse Portrait in Oil  


Commission of 'Harry' - Horse Portrait in Oil

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Harry is a Horse Portrait in Oil commissioned by Maya Knowland. The portrait was to be a graduation gift for Katrine Knowland and her sister was organsing the portrait on behalf of her family in 2012. Nick painted Harry on Italian linen canvas at 18 x 14 size. You can see the photo Nicholas worked form on the left, it was quite a dark photo and they wanted to depoct harrys true colouing in the portrait so we had other photos of Harry to work with too.

Katarine was overjoyed when she received the painting on her graduation and emailed us a lovely photo when the portrait was displayed in her home. We love her wallpaper, and hope you enjoy viewing the photos too.

If you would like a portrait of yor horse, perhaps for a graduation gift, why not drop us a line with your photos. We would love to work with you.


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Harry arrived! I just wanted to say thank you so much, you guys have been amazing the whole way through and so helpful with everything, the changes, framing, and constant contact we really felt part of the making of this gorgeous portrait. No one could have done a better job, Nick has totally captured the essence of Harry it's absolutely incredible, better even than a photo of him he has so much presence in the painting. Katrine was over the moon with it and has said countless times that it's the best present she's ever had. So a huge thank you!! I look forward to my graduation where I'll hopefully be getting one done of my horses too! Fingers crossed, I'll have to hint at my parents!
Hope you guys have a lovely Christmas and new year
Best wishes,
Lots of love
Maja x


Horse Portrait in Oils Framed Horse Portrait Framed in Detail Horse Portrait in Oils on the Mini Easel The horse painting displayed


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