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Horse Pencil Portraits by Melanie Phillips

Pencil Pet Portraits Melanie Phillips

My name is Melanie and I am a professionally trained horse pencil portrait artist. The horse portraits below are commissioned from clients worldwide, hand drawn by myself.

I can be commissioned to draw a portrait of your horse - where ever you are in the world. I am based in Wales, UK and receive commissions from far and wide.

I work each day in our purpose built studio in our wooded garden, along with my husband Nicholas Beall. Nicholas is also an artists and he paints horses in oils on canvas for commission. We are also accompanied by our tibetan Terrier Lily who sleeps quite happily in our studio every day.

We also have a handful of chickens in our garden, who keep us in good supply of eggs all year round. I hope that you enjoy viewing the portraits in my gallery below and if you would like to see more of my work, please do head on oever to my main pencil drawing website here - Pencil Pet Portraits »



This montage portrait is of a beautiful horse called Casanova. It was an 24 x 18 portrait framed using a double mount and the honey knots frame. My clients also chose a silver engraved plaque which has been set in the mount.

Pencil Portraits Montage Horse Pencil Portraits Detail and Photo Happy Client Testimonial


Well this came as a surprise! The most beautiful drawings of Casanova done by the incredibly talented Melanie Phillips. This is my birthday present from my parents - couldn't of asked for anything more, THANK YOU ❤️ Olivia


Montage Portraits and Videos

As you can see here in my gallery many of my clients commission me to draw their horse as a montage, showing their horse in many different poses and you can see a vidoe of Casanova's Montage portrait framed below. Clients choose 4 or 5 photos that they feel really capture their horse well and I then create a design for the client to see. Working together we come up with the perfect composition for the drawing. Everything is put into place and arranged before I put pencil to paper so that my clients know exactly what their portrait will be like. Why not view a few more of my videos on my pencil portraits videos »



Pencil Portrait of Jenkins

This portrait was a very emotional one for the owner as our clients father owned Jenkins both were retired form the police force. Jo's father rode Jenkins of the last time at the age of 82 before his sudden death a few months later. This portrait will bring back wonderful memories of her father and a lovely portrait of Jenkins too. If you would like to find out what a portrait similar to this might cost, I have a prices page on my website.


Horse Portraits in Pencil Portraits Detail and Photo Framed Portrait and Plaque


Head and Shoulders Portraits

The single head and shoulders portraits work beautifully for horse portraits and can make a very striking portrait. Clients can have an additional background behind the head and shoulder portraits. I can combine photos in this instance, so if you have a particular scene, field or line of trees, these can be subtly added in the distance behind.

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Horse Montage Portrait of Rose

The portrait of Rose was commissioned for a Christmas present by Callum Mould UK. He arranged the entire portrait, its design and composition a complete surprise form his girlfriend, who was absolutely thrilled to unveil the portrait on Christmas day 2015. Callum asked if I could draw a rose on the drawing instead of writing the name 'Rose' which works fabulously. Rose was framed by our framer and you can see more framed portraits on my Pet Portraits Framing page.

Montage Horse in Pencil Montage Portraits Detail and Photo Montage Portraits Detail and Photo


Horse Montage of Charles

The portrait of Charles was commissioned by a returning client as a gift for a good friend of his racehorse called Charles. My client emailed a number of lovely photos of Charles to me and had a specific idea about the composition of the montage. Karen the client wanted two smaller studies and a full body pose in the centre. The design and feel works really well and I always encourage clients to let me know their ideas for the portraits design so we can work on them and create something exactly how they envisage their portrait to be.

Horse Portraits in Pencil Montage Portraits Detail and Photo


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If you would like to see more of my horse portraits and portraits of cats and dogs too, why not pop over to my dedicated Pencil Portraits Website? You can access prices, size and information, videos, portraits up close in detail gallery along with lots of wonderful testimonials from my clients too. Click on the image below to visits and let me know what you think! Pencil Pet Portraits >>


Contact me for a Horse Pencil Portrait

I have had many happy clients over the last 20 years and if you would like me to create a portrait of your horse, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. I am really looking forward to seeing your photos!


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