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Horse Oil Portraits Gallery by Nicholas Beall

Welcome to our horse oil portraits gallery. Nicholas traditionally hand paints his oil paintings using time honoured traditions in oils on canvas. He has been a commissioning artist for over 25 years and loves every minute of painting not only horses but dogs and cats too. Nicholas' paintings are a beautiful gift for any occasion for friends and family, as well as a treasured memorial. Message anytime if you have any questions.

Horse Painting In Oils

Both Nicholas and myself (Melanie) work from our beautiful garden studio in the heart of the Welsh countryside surrounded by trees, landscapes and wildlife. Take a look at the horse portrait oil paintings below, click the links and thumbnails to find out more about the horse portraits commission and see the paintings in more detail. We'd love to hear from you if you would like your horse painted or drawn, contact us at any time.

Horse Portraits

The thumbnail horse portraits are clickable and will take you to their dedicated page to see the horse reference photos, the framed portrait and some testimonials too. Nicholas and myself always work from clients photos of their horses and so good quality photos are essential. Please email clear and in focus photos taken outside in the yard or field. A good tip is to take off any tack or coats that you don't want seen within the portrait before taking the photos. If you need any help or advice, please do message or email us at anytime, we are always happy to help.

Horse Painting In detail
My portrait has arrived and oh my god its beautiful!!!! I am so impressed with the detail that has been captured and the way the colours all work together its fantastic - thank you so much.
Lisa xx

Horse Portraits with Neutral Backgrounds

As well as the neutral backgrounds you see in the horse portraits here, Nicholas can also paint full scenic backgrounds too. This can either be with your horse head and shoulders or full body. The most popular design is to have an oil portrait and a neutral style background though. This really allow Nicholas to focus on the features of the horse along with their personality and character shining out of the canvas.

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
What a busy season we've had. I finally had some time to go through some emails and realized I hadn't yet let you know that the painting arrived and it's beautiful. It's really a very real portrait of Remy, it looks just like him. Thank you both again for doing such a great job.
Take care,

Horse Portraits with Scenic Backgrounds

The three horse portraits above and the detailed image below are all scenic style backgrounds. Most often these come as no extra charge, however this does depend on the complexity of your background. If you are looking at having a full background, we can create this for you to any size. We order our Italian Linen canvas bespoke for each portrait so they are perfect for landscape paintings with horses in a field. We are often also asked to create square paintings which hold quite a contemporary vibe and look fabulous when framed. Whatever your ideas, just let us know when sending us your photos.

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
I just thought i'd let you know that the portrait went down an absolute treat! Lucy absolutely loved it and couldn't believe the detailed that was achieved and just how much you had captured Flynns very unique character. Lucy's family were even so impressed that they are considering getting a study of there dogs commissioned. So I just thought I should say thank you once again for the superb job that you and Nicholas did. Make sure to thank him for me.
Thanks again
Mark Seymour.

Hand Painted Horse Portraits

All of Nicholas' horse portraits are hand painted and bespoke to each client. No two paintings are ever the same, as no two horses are the same either. Clients have opted to commission a head study so they can see the detail in their face, and also a larger full body painting in a landscape so they can see them as they do in the field. If you would like to see your horse painted in a full body pose, some of the larger sizes might be best for you, from 18 x 14 and above. Drop us a line with your photos and we can discuss your options!

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
We received the picture on Monday! We are so excited to see it in the person once we get it framed! Thank you again for everything. We have very much appreciated the communication throughout this project.
Best wishes

Waiting Lists and Special Occasions

If you are looking at having a horse portrait painted by Nicholas for a particular occasion, do drop us a line as soon as possible. Nicholas has quite a long waiting list for his portraits and we always like to meet our special dates for clients if we can. Nicholas is often booked up to 6 months in advance at various times of the year, especially Christmas time, so its always best to save your space in our commissions list as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

Horse Painting In detail
Dear Melanie,
Have just received Minke's portrait - it is fabulous and exactly her. Please give Nicholas a hug and a kiss from me. Andrew who is the art connoisseur says it is so smooth it looks like a pastel.
Many many thanks to you both

Horse Portraits with Backgrounds

Our clients who commissions one of our horse portraits, whether it is a pencil drawing or an oil painting, quite often tell us how much they enjoyed the experience of commissioning a portrait. They love the interaction with us from start to finish. They look forward to the moment the artwork is about to start and then waiting to see the finished painting or drawing. We love received feedback and emails from clients when they have seen the final photos, it really makes our job worth while. We would love it if our clients would leave us a review, either on Facebook or google!

Horse Painting In detail
Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
Have received the portrait safely! It is fabulous, I am so pleased!!! I have shown it to the lady who gave me Poppet - who is quite artistic herself and she loves it. Thank you both so much - a perfect present for my 21st!
Alison xx

Taking Photos for your Horse Portrait

Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall


Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall


As mentioned already, photos of your horse really do need to be high quality. If you are using your mobile phone, try not to zoom in, walk towards your horse and fill the frame. This will add more detail within the photo. Take your photos outside in natural daylight opposed to taking them in a shed or stable. If you would like any help or guidance, pop over to see our Photography Tips »

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Melanie, He looks utterly gorgeous!!!! So amazing! what a gorgeous picture. Nick has captured him perfectly!
Thank you so much for all of your help and work! So excited to get him home in real life, it will make Katrine's Christmas!
Thanks again,
best wishes
Maja xxx

Multiple Horse Portraits

Adding two or more horses together in one painting can work beautifully. Especially if you are able to take plenty of photos of your horses so that we can fit them together. We will always create you a design for your portrait for you to see before any work starts. The portrait above is very similar to the Three Kings painting which is a popular composition.

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Nicholas, I will be recommending your work & will not hesitate to use you again. The portrait is a fantastic likeness of Tango & will bring me much pleasure as he is no longer with us.

Horse Portraits Gift Voucher

If we are unable to meet your special date, our gift vouchers are the next best option. We often feel they are a better option as the recipient has full input into their painting. They can choose the photo, even take new photos for the painting and also choose the frame or the text they would like on the engraved plaque.

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Melanie, Amazing work! Better than I expected even. We love our horse and how he looks, but quite honestly Nick has made him look fancier than he is in real life. Thank you for making the reigns work they look very natural and flowing. We are actually finally moving in the house this Wednesday weather permitting and the portrait will be the perfect house warming gift for us. I will also be in contact Melanie about doing our dog Moose in pencil in the future as we love your work as well.
Thanks and we'll talk soon.

Horse Portraits in Progress

I often take photos of Nicholas working, especially when he is adding in the final details on the horses. Clients and readers love to see them up close and we have added quite a few on the gallery page for you to zoom into!

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Melanie,
She arrived safe and sound, has been hung and looks beautiful thank you. Maybe a little emotional when she emerged from the bubble wrap.
We might be in touch with a view to having one of your pencil drawings of Molly (dog we lost a couple of years ago) commissioned in the New Year.

Horse Portraits with Tack

If you would like to see your horse painted in full tack, we really need to work from photos of them with tack on. If you would like to see them without tack it is important to take photos of them without. It is very difficult to paint a horse when it is wearing tack as the fur, skin and mouth all lay slightly differently. it can sometimes be done, but on the whole, if you are able to take new photos, its best to take them exactly how you would like to see your horse in the portrait.

Horse Painting In detail
Hi Melanie,
Truffie's portrait arrived today, was so exciting unpacking it!! The finished picture is absolutely stunning, the detail that Nicholas captures is exquisite. Many thanks to both of you for being so lovely to deal with especially when it was hard deciding to carry on with the portrait after losing Truffie. I know I definitely picked the right people to paint my beautiful boy, I will cherish this forever. I love your pencil work Melanie and may look at getting you to draw my little cat Ruby at a later date....if I can get her to sit still for a photo!
Thank you for being so lovely
Best wishes

Dog Cat and Horse Portraits

Nicholas not only paints horses but he paints dogs and cats too. If you would like a head and shoulders portrait of your horse and dog together, this is definitely an option we can explore. Drop us a line with your photos and we can create a mock-up for you along with a bespoke quote.

Horse Painting In detail
If you are struggling to take good quality photos of your horse for an oil painting, or your horse lives away at stables, we can help you arrange a professional photographer to visit and take a range of photos for you. Just let us know the area of the stables and we will research and recommend some photographers that might be able to help.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas!
I am very happy to let you know that the portrait of Jake arrived safely! It looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in our dining room!! We could not wait to unwrap it (very impressive packaging that completely protected it!) and hang it up. The frame is also gorgeous and fits perfectly with the portrait. The print is beautiful as well and will be perfect to take to France for our Wedding. Thank you both SO MUCH for the amazing work that you do. It has far exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier! We will definitely recommend you to others!
Warmest wishes, Kim


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