horse portraits by commission

Horse Oil Portraits Gallery by Nicholas Beall

Horse Painting In Oils

Welcome to horse oil portraits gallery by Nicholas Beall. Nicholas creates all of the oil paintings and I Melanie, create all of the pencil drawings. Our artwork is traditionally hand painted and drawn. This gallery is dedicated to Nicholas' horse portraits in oils.

We work form our garden studio in the heart of the Welsh countryside in the UK. We ship our paintings and drawings worldwide.

Nicholas uses Winsor and Newton traditional oil paints and professionally stretched Italian linen canvas made in the UK. Good quality materials for an artist is imperative, both from an artists point of view and the client.

We hope that you enjoy viewing the oil portraits gallery below and looking at the photos. If you have any questions or would like to email us your horse photos for a portrait, you are more than welcome to email us at any time.

Taking Photos for a Horse Portrait

Horse Portraits Photography

The photo of Amosite on the right was taken using a digital camera. These are usually the best kind of cameras to use foe taking photos of horses as they have great lenses and fast shutter speeds. This means they can capture the horse in movement and often take a much crisper and sharper photo.

If you don’t have access to a digital camera the next best thing is to use a mobile or tablet. ideally take your photos outside in natural daylight and get as close to your horse as you can.

If you would like any help or guidance, you are more than welcome to telephone our studio or email us your photos that you have taken, to find out if they are suitable for a painting.If you would like to see some good examples of clients photos we have used for portraits, along with lots of hints and tips for taking great photos for your portrait, pop over to see our Photography Tips »



Horse Portraits Testimonials

Horse Portraits Testimonials

Nicholas was commissioned by Kim (USA) to paint her beautiful horse called Jake. You can see a photo of Kim with a testimonial too. Read more lovely testimonials >>

Hi Melanie & Nicholas,

I am very happy to let you know that the portrait of Jake arrived safely! It looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in our dining room!!

We could not wait to unwrap it (very impressive packaging that completely protected it!) and hang it up. The frame is also gorgeous and fits perfectly with the portrait. The print is beautiful as well and will be perfect to take to France for our Wedding.

Thank you both SO MUCH for the amazing work that you do. It has far exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier! We will definitely recommend you to others! Warmest wishes, Kim



Horse Portraits Framing

Framed Horse Portraits

There is a lot of choice when it comes to framing and we can help you every step of the way when designing your frame to go with your portrait, your taste4 and your style of home décor.

We work with two wonderful framers here in the UK. Our main framer for our oil paintings are a family run company who specialise in moulded, ornate and swept frames. The painting of Ariel on the right was frame din our Gold Swept frame and it come sin two different widths so suitable for all sizes of our oil paintings.

We then have a framer called Amanda who works with traditional woods which are oiled, painted, coloured and distressed. She has access to many different styles and types. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will email you lots of ideas to choose from. if you would like to see some previous example of our frames, why not pop over to our horse portraits framing »



Traditionally Hand Painted Portraits

Hand Painted Horse Portraits

All of Nicholas' horse portraits are traditionally hand painted. Nicholas sits at his easel every day, brush in hand, working from clients photos to create a unique, one of a kind oil painting for each of our customers.

Nicholas has been painting horse oil portraits for over 20 years and hopefully you will get a glimpse of the high quality paintings he produces here in his gallery.

If you would like to see more close up photos of his paintings with his hand working on them, why not visit our Horse Portraits in Detail Gallery. Similar to the photo on the right, it really does give an up close view of the oil paintings.

We have a good quality SLR camera and zoom in to get a very close photos of them paintings. Far closer than you would naturally be standing when the painting is displayed - In Detail Gallery »