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Horse Portraits in Oils by Nicholas Beall

Welcome to horse portraits gallery by Nicholas Beall. Nicholas creates his portraits using the finest traditional oil paints and professionally stretched linen canvas bespokely made here in the UK. Good quality materials for an artists is imperative, both from an artists point of view and the client. 


All of Nicholas' horse portraits are traditionally hand painted. Nicholas sits at his easel every day, brush in hand, working from your photos to create a unique, one of a kind oil painting.


Nick has been painting portraits for over 20 years and hopefully here you will get a glimpse of the high quality paintings he produces. Nicholas can be commissioned wordlwide and his portraits can be found far and wide, from USA, Canada, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

If you are interested in having an oil painting by Nicholas, you are more than welcome to email at any time.


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Rocca Fella

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horse painting horse oil portraits
racehorse-portraits horse and rider painting
Merchant of Dubai
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Corrine and Mr Tom
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horse oil painting Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall
Gatsby, Missy and Moriarty
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The Three Kings (nearly)
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equine horse portrait horse portrait full body study
Portrait coming soon
horse portrait in oils
Portrait coming soon
Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall
Khrisma, Beau and Eric
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